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Shivadesh Retreat Center is a Trust that trusts that soul welfare is prior to physical one.People in this age have become more or less robotic. They have plenty of time for this and that but hardly have they time for their spiritual development.

We, the sweet children of our Sweet FATHER, are no longer sweet enough. We have got trapped in worldly illusions which, de facto, have got nothing to do with us souls. This is damn true that this is the time of degradation. Must not ignore the fact that the doomsday is not far.

This is a scientific fact that everything that rises, falls ultimately. The messengers of Lord SHIVA are giving Wake-Up Calls to each and every soul. Not all shall wake up. The purest ones qualified for the Golden-Age, shall first appear on the brand-new Earth. Shiv Baba says, "Only golden pot can keep the milk of lioness intact."

Well, this is high time, you got late. Baba says it`s never too late. Better late than never. Precisely said - East or west, home is the best. The time is coming nearer when our Dearest Father shall carry us children back home. This Earth is a home, away from home.

Let`s get together holding our hands hard so that we could not get scattered. If you move two steps towards Him, He makes four moves towards you. Waste not your precious life hence. Trust Him and be safe for good.

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